Visiting a barber shop in Japan

Visiting Japan On the occasion of my yearly visit to cherry blossomed Japan, I decided to extend my travel horizons and attempt to get in touch with locals involved in wet shaving (barber hop). Two years ago, I had done the same with another hobby of mine (pipe smoking) and the long evening I spent…


Why 80s is the best

Alright, Everybody says it! 80s was (and probably will always be) the best decade. But I will analyze it (this time), why 80s is the best through a cinematic prospective! Comedies! 1980 The Gods Must Be Crazy This movie is hilarious, even now! 1980 The Blues Brothers I find it hard to believe that there…

First time shaving

Shaving for the first time

So the time has come! Time for the next step... A step that will verify for one more time the fact that you are growing up and that you are becoming, day by day a man. You look your face on the mirror and you think "this annoying mustache is not the most beautiful thing...".…