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Qshave, Clone wars

A futile war...(???) We know very well that clone products will never have the same quality and credibility of the ones they are trying to copy! But is it always so? Recently I made a very nice purchase! I bought a clone that to my belief is equal to the real deal. I am talking…


Herbana after shave balm

Two words for this Greek effort, which was discovered at etsy.com and was introduced to me by the known to us beloved forum corrupter "Vavous". First of all it is a balm and not a lotion, even though its written on the label of  100 ml bottle  of solid plastic. It is indeed so thick,…

top ten shaving cream sensitive skin

Top ten shaving cream

First to say that it is Bulgarian, for sensitive skin and costs about 1.70 € The Top ten shaving cream is white and has strange texture... Something between gel and cream in a tube. The tube is very good, plastic made although not supple, very convenient and while it is small it contains 100ml of product. If…