Kshaveworx The Aficionado full review

As this title says this is the full review of The aficionado from Kshaveworx. If you want to read my initial review, you can find it here. My "struggles"... The soap made me to struggle in a certain point... Whenever I did face lather with the soap, the bathroom would have everywhere lathers. The lather…


Kshaveworx The Aficionado review

Kshaveworx The Aficionado This is an initial review of the soap "The aficionadio" from Kshaveworx. Ever since I smelled a particular "cologne" in Germany while I was looking for a job, it stuck in my mind and I will not be satisfied until I find it once again! I remember the aroma, full of smoke…

Savon Mystere Cuba

Savon Mystere Cuba soap

Savon Mystere Market is full of artisan shaving soaps, and quite a lot of times they have proved their quality! But some times artisans make a small batch of shaving soaps just enough for them and perhaps some for their beloved community. Mens Only GR is one of those lucky communities that have such people.…